Apple's iPad 2 Smart Cover color conspiracy

Then he showed me Apple's website and made me evaluate my color choices for the cover of Smart. Now I'm pretty sure people out there like cakes, but I had to agree with Joe, none of the colors in the cheaper version $ 39 polyurethane were attractive to me (which probably would have gone if I had to orange .) However, I liked both carbon and blue in the "aniline dyed" version of Italian leather. Black would have been nice too.

We take the matter to the senior editor Scott Stein, who owns an iPad 2 with a lime green Smart Cover. Agrees with our theory that Apple, in a subtle (or not so subtle way, depending on how you look), was pushing people to step up the most expensive skin covered. But he said that Apple's sales staff at the store where you purchased your IPAD 2 does not try to increase sales in the more expensive home. In fact, said polyurethane lower price that covers hold up better over time than leather, which was more susceptible to cracking and scratching.

I do not know if that's really true, but Stein finished with a lime green cover. He says he has no problem with it and does not threaten his masculinity, even if it runs a little "Easter egg-ish" for his taste. Joe, however, pines for a little skin - or at least darker, more muted colors of some smart leather covers.

All this may seem silly and superficial high. And it is - until you stop to consider that Apple is selling millions of these things and that starts an extra $ 30 to add after doing the multiplication.

Maybe the way you can find a list or a version of black polyurethane cover guys like Joe elegant and will not get to feel like they had to settle for not wanting to pay an extra $ 30 for a cover. The other option, of course, is to wait for some other company to make a case for Smart Cover style for the same price as Apple or less. As can be seen in the increasing number of options then you probably are not too far.

Sahabat Sejati