Rotating Stand Case For The iPad 2

Well, not really a twist, but a 360 degrees. The aptly named stand Targus Rotating VersaVU 360 / case was made specifically for the IPAD 2, but is also compatible with first generation IPAD, and uses a unique technology that allows both vertical and horizontal rotation, whereas in the case.

Ipad 2 Cases

And come to an IPAD two even more enjoyable, the 360 ​​offers three positions VersaVU angle when using the support function of this versatile case. Now you can enjoy movies, games and hands-free in portrait or landscape, and the case also provides a third angle is less than perfect when you have a lot of typing or data entry to perform.

Far from being the whole function, not form, rotating VersaVU 360 ft / box itself is beautiful. The hard black exterior and leather, and soft blue interior shell are durable and easy to clean, but also produces very well. Sewing is really attractive, and the frames where the Apple logo on the back of your iPad 2 for a look really catchy.

And within 360 VersaVU has its IPAD 2 rather strong and perfectly, as it was designed specifically for the IPAD 2. This is not one size case, the elastic strap. The 360 ​​VersaVU is exactly the same thickness as the thin IPAD 2, so that does not add much bulk, and all the ports and chambers are available at any time.

In landscape mode in the standing position, watching movies and using Apple FaceTime was a joy. The ability to talk handsfree or watching movies and videos is impressive, and the lowest position in the landscape is really perfect angle for writing, texting or writing. I do a lot of keyboard, and this was very easy to use, and never fell out of position.

If I was looking for a reason to buy the IPAD 2 tablet instead, this case would be the deal-sealer. It's that good, and I have not seen a case tablet best player on the web. Three position enjoy hands-free, durable and resistant protection IPAD 2 enhances the Targus VersaVU rotary support for the Apple 2 IPAD my choice for best IPAD two cases.

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