Minister of Youth and Sports Confirmed

Minister of Youth and Sports Confirmed XXVI SEA Games gold medalist will get a bonus of 200 million. Total government funding for bonuses athletes reach Rp20 billion. It was revealed after the release of contingent Menorah Indonesia, in the office of Vice President Boeotian Jakarta, Friday (4 / 11). While the silver medalist will receive Rp50 million and Rp30 million bronze.

Andi added bonus this time the system is different from previous ones. Bonuses awarded based on athletes winning medals and not per number of sports. "Right now every gold medalist athlete can Rp200 million. Main volleyball yes six people each given 200 million. Also, the dragon boat 22 people together," said Andi. Furthermore, Andi states, Indonesia ready to hold the SEA Games XXVI to be held 11 to 22 November 2011.

A total of 42 sports will be contested and 18 were held in Palembang. At the SEA Games two years ago in Laos, Indonesia was ranked third place with a total of 43 gold medals. Menorah targeting Indonesia could re-emerge as overall champion who last won the SEA Games 1997 in Jakarta. To secure the SEA Games, to deploy 11 163 police personnel from 6 November 2011. Dozens of thousands of officers will be joined in a special security team of the SEA Games.

"Securing the 26th SEA Games in 2011 Primary Presidential Decree No. 3 was clear in 2010. As for the police formed a special security team, where we involve 11,163 security forces," said Chief of Police Public Relations Division Inspector General Saud Usman Nasution, Friday (4 / 11). According to him, 236 officers from the Police Headquarters, 2835 people from the South Sumatra Police, Jakarta Police personnel lowered 6446 and 1596 the West Java Police.

In addition, the Police will be assisted by the Indonesian military (TNI), which sends its personnel and 5700 Pa pong Praia Police Unit of Jakarta as much as 2.700 personnel. They will perform a number of SEA Games security tasks, such as sterilization and law enforcement. "Activities include activity detection and stereotypical.

Pentagon, safety, patrol, law enforcement and communication network. For safety operation of the Police and deputy head Kalahari Plantations Police," said Saud.
Meanwhile, the former head of the Special Detachment 88 Anti terror Police, the pentagonal charge of security in the region are respectively Police chief, police chief of South Sumatra, Metro Jaya Police Chief, and Police Chief of West Java.

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